Satisfaction Guaranteed

This site is primarily a hobby for me. It is a way for me to pass on comics I love and manage to get hold of onto others.

I have a day job and other commitments, so I’m not sitting in a large office packing everything. I have a desk, some boxes, bubble wrap and some tape.

I generally try and get things out the door the next day, but life gets in the way sometimes.

I want you to be happy with your purchase. I try to highlight any issues with books but I may miss something - errors happen. I hate getting books which are damaged, so I only use people who I trust and know what I am going to get. 

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please get in touch and let me know the issue. 


The basic £3.50 postage cost only includes £20 insurance. If your order is a lot more than that, I whole-heartedly recommend choosing one of the new insurance levels.
In the unfortunate event that a box does arrive damaged, or worse is lost or stolen, then I will only be able to reimburse you for the insurance you purchased.

As this is a hobby for me, I make sure everything is protected well and this costs me way more than I charge, what with mailers, bubble-wrap and other materials.
Of course, if the box/mailer is in perfect condition and the item inside isn’t to your standards then that is a different story and my satisfaction guarantee springs into action!

I also reserve the right to restrict orders by first time customers.

More expensive items will come in top loaders and all are wrapped in bubble wrap. I want you to get it in the condition I sent it!

All items are sent via evri and generally get to you within a couple of days. I ship most days, so your item(s) should be on their way in a couple of days.

I cannot guarantee what grade you will get. In general, I will source from 9.2+ suppliers. This can be a large range but nobody will guarantee what you get unless it is prescreened at cost by them. At least here, you can make up your own mind with real life photos. Ordering from stock photos is a bit hit n miss.

Enjoy looking around!